A History of Precision

Metal-Arc Fabrication is a business located at 1001 Goodwill Ave. in Cambridge MD. In the summer of 2015, we found ourselves at an impasse - the company we had worked at for years was moving. This development presented us with an opportunity and we knew what had to be done. With Bill's and Pat's experience in business management, manufacturing, and fabrication we decide that on November 1, 2015 Metal-Arc Fabrication was a business.

Metal-Arc Fabrications first job was to build 15 bariatric wheel chairs for Joerns Health Care, Pat and Bills Former Employer. This job included metal working and fabrication, tube and plate bending, machining, welding, palletizing and shipping. By the end of November our first order was in process and Metal-Arc Fabrication was a business and gaining traction.

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